About Professor

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Seungmo Kang

School of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
Korea University
Seoul, Korea
Email: s_kang@korea.ac.kr
Phone: +82-2-3290-4862

Professor Kang’s research interest lies in developing mathematical models to address challenging problems that arise in the fields of transportation planning and logistics. The overall theme of his research is to improve passengers and freight movement efficiency in complex transportation systems, by the better provision of least-cost vehicle routes, allocation of limited infrastructure resources, and characterization of performance and behavior of various system elements.


– Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2008

– M.S., Civil Engineering (Urban Engineering Major), Seoul National University, 2000

– B.S., Civil Engineering (Urban Engineering Major), Seoul National University, 1998


–  Professor, Korea University, Sep. 2019~Present

–  Associate Professor, Korea University, Sep. 2014~Aug. 2019

–  Assistant Professor, Korea University, Mar. 2010~Aug. 2014

– Postdoctoral Research Associate, Energy Biosciences Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, May. 2008~Jan. 2010

– Teaching and Research Assistant, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Jan.2004~May.2008

– Civil Engineering Supervisor, Republic of Korea Navy, Aug.2000~Jun.2003

– Research Assistant, Seoul National University, Mar.1998~Feb.2000


– Certificate of Achievement, World Road Association (PIARC), Apr. 2020

– Minister’s Citation, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Republic of Korea (국토교통부 장관표창), Mar. 2019

– Crimson Professor Award of Excellence, Korea University TechnoComplex Foundation, May. 2016

–  Best Research Paper Award, Korea Society of Transportation, (대한교통학회 학술상) Feb. 2014

기타 경력

Associate Editor, International Journal of Urban Sciences (SSCI), 2017~Present

Associate Editor, Asian Transport Studies, 2020~Present

National Member (대한민국 대표), World Road Association (PIARC), TC B.3, 2016~Present

Topic Editor, Editorial Board, Applied Sciences (SCIE), 2020~Present

Review Editor, Editorial Board, Frontiers in Future Transportation, 2020~Present

국토교통부 중앙건설기술심의위원회 설계심의분과위원, 2021~현재

한국철도공사 기술평가위원, 2019~현재

국방부 주한미군이전사업단 사업관리 자문위원, 2019~현재

국무조정실 국민생명지키기추진단 교통안전전문가협의회 위원, 2019~현재

서울특별시 민간투자사업 평가위원, 2019~현재

SH공사 건설디자인위원, 2017~현재

새만금개발청 설계자문위원회위원, 2014~현재

한국공학교육학회 총무이사, 2021~현재

대한교통학회 상임이사, 2018~현재

대한토목학회 이사, 2019~현재

LH공사 기술심사평가위원, 2018~2020

서울특별시 교통영향평가 심의위원, 2018~2020

교통안전공단 대중교통시책평가위원, 2011~2019

한국도로공사 설계심의위원, 2013~2017